Questions Answered At a Galance

Q. Who We Are?

We are a privately owned, privately operated company based in St. Joseph, Missouri. Joe Brouhard is a self-taught maker who has made a variety of things from Cosplay props to Desks and coffee tables.

Q. How Can I Get Support or Ask Questions Not Covered Here??

The best way to contact us for questions or support is to E-Mail us at or to use the Contact Us page.

Q. How Do I Start A Commission With You??

Simplest way is to use our contact us page. We will shortly have a commission site set up where you can register your commission and check on progress yourself!

Q. What Is The Refund Policy?

Our Refund Policy is simple: If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, contact us directly and we will work directly with you to complete the project to your satisfaction. In the case of 3D prints, we will re-print broken parts at no additional charge (restrictions apply.)