2020 – New year, New Place!

2020 – New year, New Place!
January 19, 2020 No Comments Blog jonpryde

So we’re all in a new year. A new decade (yes I know.. debatable, but work with me here!) And now… A new place.

Over the course of the new year, I moved from a 3-bedroom apartment complex to a 2-bedroom house in the middle of town, complete with a workshop garage. I have to say the move itself was stressful, given i had to do a majority of the box moving myself. Had to hire helpers to move the furniture, which put a MASSIVE dent in our budget, so we’re a bit behind on things on the money side. That’s being fixed at the moment.

What does this mean for JP3D Customs ? MORE AWESOMENESS! The new workspace is the equivalent of a 1 car garage, complete with about 4’x12′ extension in the front. I’ve got more than enough room to take on major projects, including wood working. I intend to start integrating more woodworking into my projects, mostly where resin casting is concerned.

There is one massive problem tho. The entire garage is in shambles. This means I need to spend the time cleaning it out, and preping it for what I do. There’s also the annoying problem that all the reachable power outlets are 2-prong, where i need a *LOT* of 3-prong outlets. The landlord is willing to work with me on this so that is a massive bonus! I am HOPING to get back to full time work sometime around the end of February.

Will anything I currently offer change? Absolutely not. In fact, I will be EXPANDING on what I can offer! Soon, I will actually be able to offer CNC machined pieces, as well as fully resin-casted items ranging from plastic resin casts to clear casting and more! My 3D printer is gonna get a massive workout this spring as I have some major plans in the works.


Game-Streaming wise, I can still do that, as my desk is set up and everything’s ready to go. Creative-wise, that’s complicated. I can stream the set-up and what not of the CNC/Laser and 3D printer stuff, but the workshop is separated from the house, so getting a good Wireless signal into the workshop is problematic at best. Running a CAT6 cable over is an option, but I haven’t quite figured out if i’m gonna go the route of streaming everything on Twitch. That said, I will be attempting something new to me: YouTube Videos. This means that I will be pre-recording a lot of what I do in that shop, and you’ll end up seeing some of the end-results. Time-lapse videos of the 3D printer will be part of this. It’ll be mostly me experimenting to see if I have the time to do this, or not. I’m a full-time Taekwondo instructor, and the time I have at the school is increasing to almost a full 6-7 hours a day starting in March, so that means I’ll have to do some serious time-management to see what happens.


I NOW have a Patreon! https://patreon.com/jp3dcustoms is where to go for that. I may expand on what is offered on that, but if you want to support me, this is the way to go. I will NEVER ask you to directly support me. It’s your choice if you want to. Your support will mean I will be able to do MORE projects, and even more content will be made available.

This has already become a long post, so I’m gonna stop here. Thank you all for your patience and I hope to see you all either on Twitch or on YouTube once I start streaming again!


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